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The Lady Guru Series was born of a desire to meld art and mindfulness. It is her mission to inspire people to find compassion, acceptance and peace within themselves and others, while providing healing support for our planet.

I believe there lives a Lady Guru in ALL women. My passion is to reach those women with positive affirmations that I, myself live and breathe by. Life is hectic, filled with distractions and commercialism that pull us away from our own inner truth and wisdom. We forget to honor the “Guru”, that innate teacher in us all. Lady Guru is a small reminder that there is “more” within, and that more is there for the taking ...all we have to do is remember.

I hope you enjoy Lady Guru and her lighthearted and uplifting affirmations as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Check out the Lady Guru blog for more of my musings.

Sat Nam!

Karen Heil